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Our Expertise

Coleman Engineering is specialized and dedicated to providing excellent engineering and operations consulting services on water and wastewater utility projects. We are absolute experts in what we do.

Stronger. Better. Cooler.

In 2023, Sanderson Stewart and Bellecci merged to form Sanbell, joining forces with Summit Engineering of Reno and Elko, NV, and Coleman Engineering of Roseville, CA.

We share a strong foundation, and we are better together.

The Coleman Engineering Team

Our hiring strategy is to always be searching but stay patient until we find the right fit for our team culture and for our clients. This discipline has served us well as we have assembled an “all-star” team of professionals that enjoy working together and who deliver excellent results for our clients.


Relationships are what it’s all about: with our Clients, with our team members, with our teaming partners, and with the community. It’s tempting to get distracted by the significant infrastructure we design and see constructed. But at the end of every project, it’s the relationships that we value most.

We look forward to meeting new team members, new clients, and new partners so we can add you to our circle of trusted friends. Call us to introduce yourself! 


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Give us a call to talk about a project or about employment opportunities with Coleman Engineering. We look forward to hearing from you.

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