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Coleman Engineering Chosen to Implement the Sewerage Commission—Oroville Region’s Primary Influent Pump Station No.2

Construction Management Services to bring this Project to a Successful Conclusion

The Sewerage Commission – Oroville Region (SC-OR) operates a wastewater treatment plant serving the City of Oroville and surrounding communities. The plant’s design average dry weather flow capacity is 6.5 million gallons per day (mgd); though it can temporarily receive major peak wet weather influent flows up to 26 mgd due to extensive inflow and infiltration in its sewerage network. SC-OR turned to Coleman Engineering to provide full construction management, resident engineer services and engineering services during construction for the WWTP’s new $7 million Primary Influent Pump Station No. 2. New facilities include a new 17 mgd wet well structure, four submersible pumps and associated piping and valves; a bar screen structure; two large diversion boxes; a new electrical building to house electrical equipment; a new diesel engine generator; new flowmeter vaults; yard piping, new and modified electrical equipment; and site improvements. Construction is due for completion by mid-August 2022.

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Coleman Engineering is a specialty consulting firm, providing excellent engineering and operations services over the complete life cycle of water and wastewater projects. Our expertise begins with project concepts and funding assistance, develops into detailed design and construction services, and continues to long-term professional facility operations. Learn more about us here.


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