WaterCompletion of VA Mather Water System

Completion of VA Mather Water System

Successful Commissioning and Operation of the VA’s “Mission Critical” Sacramento Medical Center Campus Water Supply Design Build Project.

Coleman Engineering is the lead designer and Engineer-of-Record for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Sacramento Medical Center Water Supply Design Build Project. The medical center is a 14-acre, 43-building campus located in Mather, CA. As the campus has grown piecemeal over the years, demand has increased and created associated capacity problems and low water pressures. In addition, there is currently inadequate emergency water storage. To meet the VA’s “Mission Critical” service criteria, this project includes an 8-inch diameter ring main to provide a separate domestic water supply and repurposes an existing 6-inch diameter water main loop solely as a fire main. A 565,000-gallon ground-level storage tank; a 40,000-gallon and 220-feet-tall elevated water storage tank; a booster pump station comprising four 300 gpm capacity centrifugal pumps with VFDs; a standby generator; a hydropneumatic tank; a water treatment / chlorination (Memchlor) unit; and yard piping are also provided. The design build team recently successfully commissioned the new facilities and transitioned operations from the old network. Campus pressures now reach 90 psi instead of 50 psi and recorded flows closely match design values.

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