Crescent City Water System Improvements

Project Overview

The City of Crescent City owns and operates its water treatment plant, water storage tanks, and a water distribution system with approximately 4,000 connections. Due to the age of the systems and a critical need for improvement, Coleman Engineering prepared a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and environmental documents for a funding application to the United States Department of Agriculture. The PER included the following projects: 

  • Kings Valley Redundant Transmission Main Project: Design of 7,300-feet of 24-inch diameter water transmission main on Kings Valley Road in the existing roadway.

  • Blackwell Lane Transmission Main Interconnection Project: Design of approximately 5,000-feet of 12-inch diameter water transmission main on Blackwell Lane between Railroad Avenue and Lake Earl Drive, and design of an additional 3,000-feet of 12-inch diameter transmission main on Carole Lane. 

  • Washington and Amador Tank Projects: The Washington Tank is a 4,000,000-gallon tank constructed in 2000 and the Amador Tank is a 1,500,000-gallon tank that was constructed in 1982. Both tanks needed rehabilitation and repair, including caulking, sealing numerous areas venerable to corrosion, pre-painting preparation of rust spots, painting tanks exterior and the repair/calibration of the tank level gauge. Tank modifications included new features to ensure compliance with current safety codes.

Key Challenges & Solutions

  • Providing a preliminary design package that balanced the City’s short and medium term needs within the available funding limits from the funding agency.

  • We used multi-phase cost estimating that paid careful attention to the City’s budgets.
City of Crescent City
Crescent City, CA

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