Fort Bragg Brackish Water Desalination Plant Procurement Assistance

Project Overview

The City of Fort Bragg is anticipating drought conditions in 2021-2022. Historically, drought conditions have resulted in ocean tidal influence at the City’s Madsen Hole Intake on the Noyo River, causing water at the intake to become brackish and unsuitable as a raw water supply. This condition was studied by Coleman Engineering in 2017 as part of the Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant Feasibility Study. Coleman Engineering is assisting the City procure packaged treatment equipment that can be used to treat the brackish water into raw water suitable for final treatment at the City’s water treatment plant on Sherwood Road.

Coleman Engineering prepared a procurement memorandum to define treatment equipment performance requirements and to solicit proposals from vendors. The memo drew on the 2017 study and characterized raw water quality; maximum raw water flow rate; required finished water quality and flow rate; and allowable brine concentrate water quality and flow rate. The memo also reviewed site conditions, including the raw water pipe connection location and details, the treated water pipe discharge point and details, available area and location for the treatment equipment and available power and treated water for treatment equipment. Proposals were solicited from treatment equipment vendors and included a detailed bill of materials; a process flow diagram detailing treatment process, flow rates and waste streams; a tables of anticipated treated water quality and flow rate and of anticipated brine concentrate water quality and flow rate; schedule; pricing details; equipment and process guarantees; and potential alternative delivery methods.

Coleman Engineering is also providing technical support answering vendor questions, reviewing proposals and evaluating alternative vendor proposals.

City of Fort Bragg
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