Gilbert SDPS, Lake, Well, and SLS

Project Challenges

  • An expedited design schedule was required to accommodate development and construction schedules.

  • Coleman Engineering utilized extensive experience from applicable projects to be efficient with the design. 

Project Summary

Coleman Engineering completed the preliminary design and design of a storm drain pump station, detention lake, irrigation well and sewer lift station for each of two neighboring residential developments. Working closely with the City in anticipation of their final ownership, the design met all standards set by the City. The 21-acre-foot lake is the centerpiece of the community park. The lake also functions as a stormwater detention basin and flood protection for the community and surrounding area. Lake levels are moderated by the 35 cfs (16,000 gpm) pump station. The pump station is enclosed in a municipal building that houses the sound attenuated backup generator and pond blowers, controls, and a hydropneumatic tank for the well. The 300 gpm well supports landscaping irrigation throughout the public areas of the neighborhood.

Coleman Engineering was also retained for Design of a new 0.35 MGD sewer lift station planned to serve the 507-lot development. Design consisted of hydraulic calculations, 9,500-gallon wet well, associated piping and valves, pump sizing, equipment selection, and plan drafting. 

City of Oakley
Oakley, CA

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