Homestead Well

Coleman Engineering was retained to design a new municipal well to provide additional water supply to the Homestead Development from the City of Dixon. The Homestead Production Well is being designed to the City of Dixon (City) standards since the City will ultimately take ownership and operate the well as part of its drinking water system.

The well is currently under construction and includes the following features: a target well yield of 1,500 gpm, a borehole diameter of 28-inches and a depth of 1,200-feet. The pump station for the well will be on-site and have a 150 Hp motor. There will be a building structure to house the electrical and disinfection equipment together with an emergency generator should the main power supply fail. The building will also accommodate the SCADA communications via a wireless system.

A thorough five-zone test well drilling program provided design engineers with detailed information about the aquifers and water quality that may be encountered.

Additionally, Coleman Engineering has worked with the City to provide design and engineering construction services for a new storm drain pump station. The City does not publish design standards for the storm drain pump station so once the basic parameters were agreed, communication with the City was constant to keep the project moving forward.

City of Dixon
Dixon, CA

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