Markley Cove Water Treatment Plant Project

Project Overview

Coleman Engineering is providing professional engineering services to the Markley Cove Resort to design a replacement water treatment plant at Lake Berryessa, CA. The original water treatment plant was destroyed by fire in the summer of 2020. The plant building was destroyed, but the concrete tank / foundation / slab structure remains and will be used in the replacement design. Coleman Engineering is providing detailed civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation design necessary to develop a constructible design for the WTP process elements. The WTP capacity is 14 gpm (average) and 95 gpm (peak). 

Record drawings are not available since they were destroyed by the fire. Coleman Engineering is gathering as much information about the former water treatment plant as possible by consulting with the Owner, County regulators, and vendors who supplied the previous equipment.

The new facility will replicate the previous conventional coagulation / filtration facility and include the raw water screens and pumps that were not damaged by the fire. Replacement components include chlorine and coagulant injection, chemical mixing and coagulation, sedimentation and sludge removal, multi-media filtration and a treated water clear well.

Markley Cove Resort
Lake Berryessa, CA

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