Midas Booster Pump Station

Project Overview

Coleman Engineering was responsible for preliminary and final design, and preparation of construction plans and technical specifications, for a water booster pump station to serve the new Los Cerros housing development in Rocklin, CA. The pump station is located on a constrained site at the existing Placer County Water Agency-owned Midas Tank site and will pressurize potable water from this 3-million-gallon welded steel tank to serve the new development at a higher elevation. Preliminary design included hydraulic modeling of the distribution system, a transient hydraulics surge analysis, and preparation of a preliminary design report and a construction cost estimate. Final design included six pumps with VFDs to meet the range of flows: two 7.5HP small pumps (12 to 70 gpm), two 30HP medium pumps (70 to 240 gpm) and two 100HP large pumps (240 to 1140 gpm). The project included a CMU pump station building, electrical and control panels, an emergency generator with an automatic transfer switch and fuel tank, and a 2,500-gallon hydropneumatic  / surge tank. Modifications to the existing tank included tie-ins to the existing inlet /outlet and overflow pipelines.

Key Challenges & Solutions

The limited space between the existing tank and the boundary fence constrained both the layout of the pump station and the location of ancillary facilities including the switchgear, emergency generator, hydropneumatic tank and fuel tank. We carefully separated and located these individual facilities around the tank to maintain access for operators. The final discharge piping and manifold design was determined after considering the limited pump station building footprint, piping to and from six pumps, and ease of operator access.

Los Cerros Housing Development
Rocklin, CA

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