Shaffer School

Project Overview

Coleman Engineering was retained by the Shaffer School District to identify and develop a new water source for the school. The project involved investigation of an existing on-site well for possible development, well zone testing and site investigation with the aim to bring the Shaffer School drinking water system into compliance with drinking water standards. We completed a preliminary engineering report to both determine details of a preferred project and to support funding applications. The final project included improvements to existing Well No.1, demolition of Well No. 2, provision of new Well No. 3, and associated pipeline modifications within the campus. In addition, improvements were made to the wastewater conveyance system, with a small package lift station and force main. Final design was completed in 2019: the project is currently awaiting funding for bidding and construction. 

We were also responsible for securing project funding and assisting the School in complying with terms of the funding agreement. We applied for Proposition 1 grant funding on behalf of the School District through the online FAAST application, prepared test well bidding documents, contracted with a test well driller, and completed Title 22 regulation test well requirements for both the existing Well No. 1 and the new Well No. 3. 

Construction costs for the project are anticipated to be in the region of $400,000.

Key Challenges & Solutions

Locating the existing well and sewer lines for this project was problematic since plans of the site were outdated and some were missing. This required extensive site investigation coupled with the existing school records and Google Earth to map existing services.

Shaffer School District
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