Winship School—Well No. 2

Project Overview

Coleman Engineering was originally retained to aid in securing SRF Proposition 84 funding for arsenic treatment for the Winship-Robbins Elementary School District. After initial well zone testing and treatment options were considered, design of a new 100 gpm water supply well became the preferred cost-effective solution.

A zone testing well was designed by Coleman Engineering and approved by the State Division of Drinking Water to test water quality at different depths. Suitable water quality was identified in a quantity sufficient to meet both the school’s drinking water and irrigation needs.

The replacement production well was designed to meet all state and local standards and features State Revolving Fund bidding and contract documents. The well was designed to draw water only from select aquifers that meet drinking water standards. The final design includes electrical controls, a 500-gallon hydropneumatic tank, and provisions to treat water if needed in the future. The site was designed for simplified maintenance and fully automatic functionality. 

We prepared all funding application documents, including the required technical studies, and coordinated and communicated with the State to make sure that the required funding was in place and available to the School. Phase 1 funding included Planning and Design and Phase 2 funding includes Construction. Construction has been approved and is approaching completion. We are providing bidding and construction services to the District.

Key Challenges & Solutions

Phase 1 CEQA Studies were required due to a sensitive Indian heritage area. Extended CEQA studies were carried out and SHPO approval was obtained.

Winship Robbins Elementary School District
Meridian, CA

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