WastewaterColeman Engineering Wins SC-OR Eastside Interceptor Replacement Project

Coleman Engineering Wins SC-OR Eastside Interceptor Replacement Project

Coleman Engineering Selected for the Sewerage Commission – Oroville Region’s East Interceptor Pipe Repair Project

The Sewerage Commission – Oroville Region has selected Coleman Engineering to determine the most cost effective, technically acceptable method to replace or rehabilitate / repair approximately 1,525 linear feet of its 24-inch dia. vitrified clay East Interceptor just upstream of its wastewater treatment plant. Coleman will subsequently design the selected solution(s). The section of pipe includes five manholes and a single lateral connection. CCTV survey has found several cracks in the pipe, and there are some leaks that contribute to the overall (and significant) infiltration and inflow at the wastewater treatment plant. The Coleman team is evaluating alternatives including replacement (conventional open-cut trench excavation, pipelaying and backfill; micro-tunneling / horizontal directional drilling / jack-and bore; and pipe bursting) and trenchless rehabilitation (continuous sliplining with annular space grouting; sectional sliplining with annular space grouting; heat-cured Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP); UV light-cured CIPP; and fold-and form (deformed and reformed) pipe liner. It is anticipated that the selected alternative will be a rehabilitation technique, preceded by chemical grouting and localized spot repair. Manhole rehabilitation will also be included.


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